Friday, 25 September 2020


 TAST 35 - Whipped Chain Stitch

This is derived from chain stitch family.   As the name suggests, it involves the whipping of the initiallt laid chain stitches.

Two different type of whipping variations can be done as seen in the below pic.

In the first one, I have worked the foundation chain stitches with the green thread and the whipping is done with the yellow thread .  The thread was passed under each of the foundation chain stitches.  I have worked two such rows.

In the second one, I have worked the foundation chain stitch with the yellow thread and the whipping of one side of the chain stitch was done with the red color thread which was followed by whipping the other side of the foundation chain stitches with the same red color thread.  Next, I worked the foundation chain stitches in green thread and followed the same whipping process like before with  the red color thread. 


Double Whipped Chain

Two rows of foundation chain stitches in red color were worked which was then whipped with a yellow thread in the middle of the chain stitches.  This stitch creates a thicker line due to two rows of foundation chain stitches.

BEYOND TAST 35 -  Magic Chain Stitch (Checkered Chain)

I had used this stitch before in my previous projects, so I chose to do a simple leaf shape with this stitch, just to include in my TAST Sample book.

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