Monday, 30 November 2020

TAST 44 & Beyond TAST 44

 TAST 44 -  Twisted Chain stitch & Rope Stitch.

Both these stitches belong to the chain stitch family.  When twisted chain stitches are worked very closely, it becomes the rope stitch.

These stitches are worked from right to left.  The first and second rows are worked in white thin perl cotton thread .   A twisted chain stitch flower in white thin perl cotton and a dark green color stem in rope stitch using thicker perl cotton thread was stitched for this sampler  The vertical rope stitches in orange and green color are created using 6 strands of anchor embroidery floss.

Beyond TAST 44 - Herringbone Square and Laced Herringbone square

Herringbone square is a much familiar stitch to me as the Kutch Embroidery work of India is based on this stitch.  This stitch is the foundation stitch in kutch work on which interlacing is done. The link for my earlier post on Indian Kutch work is here

Laced Herringbone Square is a new stitch to me.  It was  fun to learn a new way of lacing the herringbone square.

There is a difference in the way lacing is done on this stitch and that of the Kutch work.

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