Sunday, 13 December 2020



This is a new stitch to practice.  Such an easy and beautiful flower stitch.   I tried doing this with Perle #5 ,6 strands of anchor embroidery floss and also with  2mm and 4 mm silk ribbons .  As the name suggests, this is a raised stitch and has a texture .


BEYOND TAST 45 - Closed Base Woven Picot & Open Base Woven Picot

I have admired this stitch before but this is the first time I tried to stitch.  I wanted to stitch a beautiful sun flower with dark and light shades of yellow color of all the 6 strands of the  floss.  I set out to draw a big sun flower and started with this stitch with much anticipation.   I was able to create only  a narrow and ugly set of petals with this woven picot stitches.  This ugly petals then gave me the freedom to try out each petal with different thread - I have used perle #5, tatting thread, 6 strand embroidery floss and crochet cotton thread (whatever was available in my stash) 

 I should have drawn the petals in a much smaller size.  Though my hands were itching, to cut all the petals and restart from drawing a small sun flower, I decided against it.  This sample will surely keep reminding me to draw small flowers while using this stitch in my future projects.   

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