Wednesday, 9 September 2020



Cretan Stitch is one of the beginner stitches.  

In the first row, I have worked a row of Cretan stitches followed by second row of cretan stitches by turning the fabric upside down and aligning the stitches, to give the appearance of the hexagon shape

In the second row, I have tried to stack cretan stitches one row upon the other.

In the third row, the cretan stitches are worked with long arms, to contain in between cretan stitches with a different color thread

In the fourth row, the sizes of the cretan stitches are varied according to the design line.

Cretan stitches are also used in Crazy Quilting Seam Treatments.

BEYOND TAST 12 - Looped Cretan Stitch

A new stitch for me to learn.  Happy to get introduced to this stitch.  I tried to add beads in this stitch.  Floral and leafy wines can be created with this stitch.

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