Thursday, 3 September 2020


 TAST 6 -  Herringbone Stitch

I get reminded of the English alphabet "X" whenever I do this herringbone stitch.  Its a simple stitch, yet can be applied in various ways.  This stitch can be stacked rows upon rows to create a geometrically pleasing design.  The length of the stitch can be varied to create a different appearance and application of the stitch.  This stitch could be worked for the petals of the flowers.In kutch work embroidery, this stitch is widely used.I tried to couch down blue satin ribbon with this stich.

BEYOND TAST 6 Raised Close HerringBone

I learnt this new stitch very easily from the tutorial at pintangle.  I tried creating leaves with this stich, which turned out beautifully.  I tried to even use this stitch in geometrical shapes like triangle and semi circle.  This stitch creates a beautiful texture and fills up the design area quickly.  I will be using this stitch more often going forward.


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