Monday, 5 October 2020



Feathered chain stitch is derived from Chain stitch and in appearance it can be compared to the zig zag chain stitch.  This is a variation of long tail Chain stitch.

In the first row, I worked the stitch with a single color.

In the second row of my sampler, initially I worked this stitch with yellow color, followed by working this stitch in red color, in between the spaces created by the yellow color stitches.

In the third row ,  I have packed the stitches with 4 different colors to give a dense appearance ,as if the bark of a tree entwined in the fall color leaves before shedding them.  I have used light green, dark green, red and golden colors here.

BEYOND TAST 36 - Long Tail Chain Stitch

This is derived from Chain Stitch . As the name suggests, this stitch is tied with a long tail of the chain stitch.  This can be used to create patterns, by varying the number ,length and direction of the stitches.  

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TAST 7 & Beyond TAST 7 - Detached Chain Stitch & Barred Chain Stitch & Alternating Barred Chain stitch

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