Sunday, 30 August 2020


 TAST 3 - Buttonhole stitch.

This stitch is also known as blanket stitch.  This is a very easy and simple stitch and follows a curve very well.  This stitch can be used for embroidering leaves.  Lots of possibilities to create several CQ seam treatments with this stitch.  The length of the vertical line of the stitch can be varied to achieve different looks of the stitch.  The slant of the vertical line also can be varied to achieve a different effect.  One of the leaves stitched here , is achieved by varying the slant of the vertical part of the stitch.

BEYOND TAST 3 - Reversed buttonhole bar -  Though this stitch was a new one, it was easy to work with.  Initially a row of foundation buttonhole stitches are made , and then the braid like structure gets created, by weaving buttonhole stitches, in the initial foundation stitches.   This stitch is suitable for creating borders. 

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