Friday, 24 October 2014

Black Work - Maple Leaf

This is my first ever Black work done as a part of the Stitchmap June Challenge.  I have never tried blackwork before.  The unique thing about blackwork embroidery is that both the front and back appears the same.  This blackwork is done with the red embroidery floss just to represent the color of the Maple Leaf.

Generally, counted stitches are my favourite.  This one was fun and quite challenging.  Initially it was very difficult to follow the route and I ended up unpicking my stitches several times.    Then I practiced  with the paper pattern using different colored sketch pens, following the chartered route.  Then I found it easier to stitch .

Here is the back of the maple leaf .
and here is the front of the maple leaf.


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  1. beautiful! once you get the hang of it then blackwork is a joy to do :-) it's a very relaxing technique,isn't it?