Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rainbow Cross Stitch blocks 3 and 4

After a month long break , I am back here completing my blocks 3 and 4.  I am really excited stitching these unique blocks with the rainbow colors.  I am still contemplating on what would I make with these colorful blocks. Definitely I will not frame it and hang it in the wall.  May be  a Card wallet with just 8 of these blocks and gift it to my hubby for his birthday.The free patterns for these blocks can be found here


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Self Shading Cross Stitch Rose

This shaded cross stitch rose was done for March challenge at Stitch Map.  There were two other patterns offered - Australian Gumnuts and Wattle.  I love cross stitch and I was confident that I could finish this well before the end of March and this was the reason for me choosing this.

The entire rose was done with just two floral colors - one darker shade for the outline and a medium shade for the rose.  The shading effect was achieved by using 2 strands of floss, 1strand of floss and with full cross stitch and half cross stitch across the rose.  The leaves were done with the single strand of green floss with back stitches.

Initially it was boring and frustrating working these dainty stitches with single color floss, however when the rose started blooming,it was quite interesting and delightful.  I love the end result.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Rainbow Cross Stitch Blocks - 1 and 2

Yay!!! I have completed the blocks 1 and 2 of the rainbow blocks.  I am not sure what I would be doing with this finished block but I am so happy to stitch with these really vibrant colours.

My two sons are enjoying much with these rainbow colors. As the block gets finished , they locate the rainbow colors.  They are too enthusiastic in helping me make the cross stitch, they pull the thread too much and most of the times, the needle comes out from the thread.   I end up rethreading the needle often :)-.  Happy to see them interested in what their mommy is making.

I will be parking this project for a couple of weeks, as I have to complete another embroidery challenge before the April 30 deadline.  Its going to involve a lot of flowers

Friday, 4 April 2014

SAL - Kanta

When Anita had announced the Kanta SAL, I immediately joined.  But I was unable to start stitching immediately due to my other commitments.  Last week, we had a long week end here in Bangalore due to Ugadi festival. I was able to catch up with this SAL and I am now happy to say that I am upto date on this SAL.

This is the first time I am working on such a dark color fabric.  I have been preserving this cotton fabric for the past 9+ years as it was given to me in Tirupathi temple.  First it was a challenge to outline the design on the fabric - I tried with the light box method..and it did not work.  So, I used a white carbon paper to trace the design on the fabric.

Next challenge was choosing the floss colors.  I tried some 15 different colors in a doodle cloth and finally settled for these colors.

The colors used are

Kanta Booti - Anchor 033
whipped running stitch outline and two rows of filling - Anchor 0186
Centre Flower  - Anchor 0302
Spirals,scrolls ,outer eye shape border, outer triangle border - Anchor 049
Curvicules at top (blue filling ) - Anchor 0433
Curvicules spiral (Red outline) - Anchor 046

All are done using 2 strands of Anchor floss .

I am not happy with the work on the center flower.  The petal edges are not uniform and I have made sure to have different shapes of petals with my night time stitching.  :)-

Anyways, I tolerated my ugly stitching of flower by saying - all these occurs when you learn something new and kept progressing.   If I am going to expect perfection, I am not going to finish this piece.

Now I know where I have gone wrong, I will more careful when I do it the next time.

Thank you Anita for this SAL.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rainbow Cross stitch block

I love doing cross stitch.   Cross stitch , its like a meditation for me. While I was simply surfing the net for some free cross stitch patterns I landed up at this crafty mummy and was genuinely happy to see the free Rainbow Cross stitch blocks on offer.  My hands were itching to start this project .  I have got some 15 count aida in my stash and then rummaged through my thread box. Bingo !!! Out of the 7 different colors of the rainbow palette, I already had some 5 available in my stash.  Last weekend I went to the nearby shops but could not find the Indigo color mentioned.  So I just grabbed the closest color.

First I prewashed the aida cloth.  The aida cloth what I have is somewhat very stiff due to the startch so I prewashed the aida , zig zagged the edges so that the aida cloth edges dont unravel.  Then I basted the centre and marked the Top with a "T" of the aida fabric.

Now I am all set to start stitching.

The needlecase in this above photo is one of my completed projects of last year.    This free needlecase cross stitch pattern can be found here.  Last year I ordered different types of needle and made about 7 cross stitch needle cases for my needles to rest snuggly in a cozy little needlecase.  Here is the front of the needlecase.

Here is the back side of the needlecase.

Here is the inside of the needlecase.
This is the home for tapestry needles.  :)-

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Flower Monogram


Its been a long time I blogged.  I have joined the monthly challenge at stitchmap. For the month of February, out of the three choices offered, I chose the embroidered monogram.   The flowers are made with the bullion stitch and lazy daisy stitches - with a little beading in between.  The leaves are stitched with the fly stitch.    The letter R is done with the heavy chain stitch which is then interlaced.

I have used mainly anchor stranded cotton floss and a couple of flowers are done with the light pink cone thread.

Here is the picture of it.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Book Mark

I was introduced to cross stitch approximately an year ago.    I was hooked to cross stitch from there on. Cross stitch does not require too much concentration unless you count the number of stitches, so you can do it while watching TV.  Its a great stress buster too - actually this bookmark was made during a very stressful time in my life while waiting outside the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital.  Small Cross stitch projects like these are very portable , just gather the supplies (aida cloth, printout of the pattern, floss and some tapestry needles)in a small clear plastic box and take it with you in a bag wherever you go / wait.

This free bookmark pattern can be downloaded from here.  

This is a small gift to my hubby who fills my stash basket whenever he travels abroad.