Saturday, 12 May 2012

TAST 19 - Half Chevron

This is a new stitch for me.  It was easy as I had earlier done the Chevron stitch in TAST.  Here are my trials with the stitch.

1) Half chevron stitch in dark blue was a trial learning this stitch

2)I went through Sharon's stitch guide to learn this stitch.  It was mentioned that unlike Chevron, this stitch curves very well.  So I tried doing this stitch  in a wavy / scallop pattern.  Two scallops of  Half Chevron was done and in the middle Chain stitch is done with the black color floss.

3) I tried this stitch around two circles.  Half Chevron stitch in the two circles not facing each other.  In between   I have stitched a outline of this circle with the back stitch and the centre of the circle is stitched in round button wheels stitch.

4) I tried using this stitch as a filling one.  So, drew a small tree and tried it...

Here is the overall sampler for this stitch.

I have missed TAST 16,17,18 due to professional commitments and I need to catch up fast.

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