Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lesson - Chikan SAL completed!!!!


I have completed the final Lesson of Chikan SAL today.  I was fascinated by this new Eyelet stitch....consisting of simple running stitch around the circumference and filling the radius with the satin stitches.  Eyelet stitch is really cute.  This stitch reminded me the round button wheel stitches.

I tried the wave filling stitch some 3 times in my doodle cloth.  The white voile fabric which I am using is very delicate, so when I tried to place the grid points near to each other, it did not look that very appealing.  So, I have placed the grid points little apart in this paisley design heart.

Here are few photos.

Thank You so much Anita for this opportunity to learn Chikankari work.  I thoroughly enjoyed these two months of Chikankari SAL.  It is a very professionally done course with all necessary documentation and timely posts , patiently replying to all my queries over email along with your feedback & guidance.  Your tutorial was very simple and clear as well.

Sometime in the future I will stitch me a tunic with this Chikankariwork.

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  1. Congratulations!
    You are welcome.Looking forward to see your tunic.