Sunday, 11 March 2012

TAST 10 - Running Stitch


(For everyone who has commented on my chain stitch  - A big  ThankYou).  I am a new blogger and I found difficulty in replying to your comments. Connie - Thanks for being my first follower.  I will post my chikan sal lesson 1 pictures soon)

Here is a small fence in running stitch.

The below sampler was done last year using running stitch and herringbone stitch.


  1. These are both very nice. The top one is fun while the bottom one is very beautiful. I'm a bit of a swirl girl, so I love that bottom photo.

  2. Both are very pretty! The running stitch was lots of fun this week!

  3. Love your sampler with running and herringbone stitches. Lovely curved and spiral lines. Beautiful.