Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Royce Bunny Project - SAL


I am stitching along with Royce on her Bunny Project.  Its a simple cute bunny - stitched using double back stitch  and pattern darning.  As I am taking part in Anita's Chikan SAL, the double back stitch in this bunny project was pretty easy and fast.  Recently, in TAST 2012 when Sharon announced the running stitch I was so mesmerised about pattern darning and wanted to do something with it.  Royce has provided the initial trigger to start with pattern darning. Thank you Royce.

There is a small story behind this bunny.  Recently, I read my younger son a lovely cute story about a bunny.   The bunny's name was Daley-B.  Daley-B did not understand that he was a rabbit and started living in a tree seeing the birds building their nests on the tree.  He started eating acorns like squirrels.  My son was so hooked on to this particular story - I ended up reading the story some 60 times.. (per day some 5 times)..

After the completion of this bunny project, I am planning to give it to him as a little surprise.  :) .   Hope he would like it.

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  1. great ... a nice read too
    one thing , I wish to tell you is that always keep the fabric drum-tight on the hoop , which is even more important henceforth.
    Also pass the needle on fabric exactly on the line drawn.