Monday, 31 December 2012

Embroidered Peacock - A drawstring bag

As a part of Red Work course at stitch map, I had to stitch a draw string bag to hold my pattern weights. I chose the peacock motif for this bag for two reasons  -

I wanted to choose one which were not stitched by any another stitch map member so far.
I have a huge peacock pattern with me for the past 2 years which I wanted to try out on a bed sheet sometime this year ( or next year).

Here is a close up picture of the peacock motif

I have used 2 ply of floss across the peacock. 

Peacock Body part
Crest Tip
Detached chain / Lazy Daisy
Crest Lines
Back Stitch
Body outline and filling
Stem Stitch
Wings Outline
Chain Stitch
Wings Filling
Outline Stitch
Beak Filling and Outline
Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch
Feathers Outline
Chain Stitch
Feathers innerpart Outline
Whipped back Stitch
French Knot (3 Wraps

I did not get it right and beautiful this peacock motif at the very first trial. I had to remove the stitches some 2 or 3 times, to get the right look.  Thanks to my mentor Anita .  She really encouraged and suggested me some tips to get this peacock right.

My initial version of the peacock was this above picture.  I managed to use only cool colors blue and green. This was kind of  very dull looking - especially the eyes done in light blue floss..

Anita suggested me to use black floss for the eye and to use a hint a bright yellow in the feathers.  The yellow contrast worked the magic in this peacock and it made the peacock little more lively.  I also wanted to do the legs in black as the light blue floss on a off white fabric made it very dull.

After this rework, my peacock looked like this

Again after this rework, we both were not satisfied.  I wanted to remove the light blue floss entirely and use black instead.  So, I removed those stitches and did it again with black crest lines, dark blue crest tip, dark blue beak with a hint of yellow in it.

After all these rework, this is my final peacock. I was finally satisfied with the outcome after making the changes Anita suggested. Thank You Anita.


  1. It's just beautiful. I hope I can do as well when I finish the redwork course.

  2. It turned out BEAUTIFUL! I enjoyed seeing the steps you took to get the final result. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.