Friday, 15 June 2012

TAST 24 - Buttonhole Wheel

Here is my stitch sampler for buttonhole wheel..  I like this stitch and I have already used it before.

1) The center button wheel circumference is made of  seed beads.   I added two beads in the strings every time before picking the fabric from the centre.
2) The red button wheel is a simple ordinary initial trial
3) The dark green button wheel next to the red one has alternating button hole stitches varied in length.
4) The orange button wheel is worked initially and on the spikes created the ribbed spider wheel stitch is woven.  Care needs to be taken here as when we start weaving the circle formed is pushed to the front.  I had to stop weaving in the middle for this same reason.
5) The cream color button wheel next to orange is worked with the spikes apart and inbetween the spikes French knots are done.
6) The green color button wheel with the orange center is worked using woven spider wheel.
7) The pink color button wheel has it spikes made of bullion knots.  When the fabric is picked from the center to the circumference you wind the thread around the needle to make these bullion spikes.
8)The last Grey button wheel has chain stitches in the circumference.  After the fabric is picked from the center to the circumference and the thread pulled through , a small chain stitch is made in the circumference before proceeding.


  1. Thank you for sharing, not only the picture of your sampler, but the description for how you made each wheel. A great variety!

  2. fantastic samples of this stitch.